If I can, you too can!!!

This is a question I have been asking myself ever since I got into it.

Being a typical high scoring science student during my college days, after my education, I too like everybody else got a lot of job offers. But those days the common careers known were very few like medicine, engineering, law and teaching.

Nothing much interested me. A career meant only a means to earn money. My husband being in a high-profile job, there was enough to sustain us financially.

After a sabbatical of nearly 20 years, was when I realized, I was left far behind and the whole world had leapt before me. Tech had overtaken the normal simple life.

Still a puzzle to me, but one fine day I realized I wanted to do something and leave my mark in the world.

Going in for a job with my qualifications was not difficult but I felt that this was not enough and felt I wanted to do something that I liked, and which interested me.

With a keen interest to see how the present education system was, I enrolled in a post-graduation course that was totally different to what I had studied earlier. Completing the master’s in social work counselling brought me closer to the present generation.

Since from a young age I loved talking, I found that I could turn this passion around into a career.

The ICCC program happened by chance, and I just devoured it. Going through the program I was awestruck with the number of career options available nowadays. One could choose a career without compromising on passion in whatever and whichever field his/her interest is.

Doors that were closed for us are wide open now. This struck me with a good idea. I wanted to help students in discovering themselves and choosing a career based on their skills and passion rather than on marks, parents, society, and peer influence.

Also, I wanted to help so many parents like me who are still unaware of the new trends.

That’s when I started to carve a niche for me in the domain of career counselling and the rest is to be seen.  😊


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